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Guest Agreement & Policies

Rental Policies That Build Relationships

Guest License Agreement

The Guest and Agent agree to the following conditions concerning rental of Premises:

  1. Cancellation of reservation less than 90 days for homes and 60 days for villas prior to arrival will result in loss of deposit. All cancellations are subject to a $50.00 administrative fee and a 7.5% fee.
  2. Guest shall not bring pets or animals of any nature into the premises. In the event that pets or animals are discovered, Guest(s) agrees to vacate the Premises and the total rental charge will be forfeited and additional cleaning will be charged to guest.
  3. Guest will allow Goode Vacation Rentals, Inc. (Agent) to enter premises for  repairs,  maintenance or as necessary.
  4. Guest and members of his party will honor posted and/or enclosed rules for the use of premises.
  5.  Person signing the contract must occupy the premises for the entire rental period. If Guests exceed the maximum number of occupants specified on the Reservation Confirmation, the guest(s) will be asked to vacate the Premises and the total rental charge will be forfeited.
  6. Wedding parties and/or other large parties are discouraged and require written permission from Goode Vacation Rentals.
  7.  Guest agrees to indemnify Owner and Agent for any damages to Premises that result from Guest’s occupancy, excluding normal wear and tear. Any damage discovered by Guest or occasioned by Guest’s occupancy must be promptly reported to Agent. In cases of abuse or malicious damage, Guest herein authorizes Agent to charge damages to credit card provided with the reservation.
  8. Guest understands that Agent is solely acting as agent for the Owner. If the Owner of the Premises reserved for the Guest should cancel his agreement with Agent, sell, affect or otherwise dispose of Premises, or should other uncontrollable acts occur, Guest may be provided substitute, comparable accommodations at the original rate. If comparable accommodations are not available guest agrees to accept a full refund for monies paid and no other compensation.
  9. The amenity fee of 7.5% is a non-refundable fee.
  10. The reservation fee of $50.00 is a non-refundable fee.
  11. Guest will return keys to the rental office upon departure. If after hours, keys should be dropped in the lock box next to the rental office door.
  12. Guest will allow Agent to deposit rents and deposits in interest bearing accounts and Guest hereby waives claim to interest there of.
  13. Guest agrees that any changes made to original reservation are subject to an additional reservation fee.
  14. Guest understands that smoking is prohibited in all homes and villas.
  15. Guest will not move, re-arrange, relocate or remove any furniture or decor items in the property. If furniture is found to be moved or relocated, Guest herein authorizes Agent to charge a furniture relocation fee to the credit card associated with the reservation. 
  16. In the event Guest: a) incurs long distance telephone charges, b) fails to return all keys ($15.00 service charge per key) checks out late without authorization ($50.00 service charge per hour), Guest authorizes Agent to charge such sums to Guest credit card on file.
  17.  Any account balances due upon departure will be charged to guest credit card with a 4% service charge.
  18. Agent is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Agent is not responsible for items left in the premises. If requested, Agent will return any items found that have been left behind at Guest’s expense plus an additional extraction fee. 
  19. Refunds will not be given due to emergencies or inclement weather.
  20. We will make every effort to ensure your rental is ready at 4:00 pm, but we cannot guarantee it nor will there be any compensation should there be a delay. 
  21. Vehicles: Parking is not allowed on streets. Some properties have limited parking. Some garages are owner only. Gated communities and most other communities do not allow motorcycles, motor homes or campers, boats and boat trailers, trailers of any kind, or other recreational vehicles. 
  22. Agent will use best efforts to correct any maintenance issues that may arise. Mechanical malfunctions are unavoidable and refunds will not be provided so long as repairs are made within a reasonable amount of time. Agent is not responsible for Internet connectivity. 
  23. Any reservation for the following year (property or rates) is not guaranteed. Guests will be notified of any change in the rate or property. Guest/Agent may cancel due to such change without penalty. 
  24. Hurricane/Evacuation Policy: Refunds will not be issued for hurricane evacuations or any other natural disaster. Agent offers Trip Insurance (see, which will cover mandatory evacuation orders and all other natural disasters. For all insurance information and claims, please call Red Sky 1-866-889-7409
  25. All advertised rates are subject to change until receipt of cash deposit by Company.
  26. Our office space is limited and as such, we do not have any storage space for guest shipments. We therefore cannot accept any luggage/golf club or package shipments of any kind. Any luggage that is sent to us in violation of our policy will be moved by private carrier to a storage facility wherein (1) there will be delivery and storage charges, (2) we take no responsibility for the security of guest belongings that are erroneously shipped to us.
  27. Minimum age to rent property is 28 years of age.