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Goode Vacation Rentals // Owners FAQ


Owners Frequently Asked Questions

What is our Management Fee?
It is variable between 18%-30% and depends on the size and nature of the property as well as the number of properties owned and under our managment.

When do we receive our statements?
Monthly, on or about the 15th

Who provides linens & towels?
Goode Vacation Rentals

Who provides soaps and paper products?
Goode Vacation Rentals

Who provides maintenance?
Goode Vacation Rentals provides all maintenance services either through inhouse ops or 3rd party vendors.

Who does annual deep cleans?
Goode Vacation Rentals

What are the days & hours of your service?

Do you offer Keyless Entry?

Do you have an Owners access online?
We have the leading edge reservation & property management software which allows us to offer the most up to date and comprehensive online information to our owners including financial statements, work orders, reservation schedules, owner booking facilities and more...

The above is just a sampling of questions & answers. Please do not hesitate to call our office and ask to speak with the owners, Brian & Gigi Goode. (843) 681-1390